Three Smokin’ Chicks

Weekends are busy around our house, so this past weekend’s smoking activity had to be squeeeeeezed in. But the old Cheapo Charbroil had room for three smokin’ chicks on a crisp late summer evening in northern Virginia. My premier entry in the BBQ blogosphere focuses on three Purdue Roasters I picked up this afternoon at the local Wally World. I like the roasters because they are meaty and moist.

Three plump chickens held down the grate of the cheapo smoker over Labor Day weekend.

I had no time to do an overnight marinade, so I simple rubbed each down with a combo of Montreal Steak Seasoning, generic Cajun salt and onion powder. I put all three of these ladies on the grill at about 4:30 p.m. Used chunk charcoal with hickory chips in the offset firebox of my cheapo smoker. Kept the temp at about 210 for most of the duration, but bumped it up to around 250 to finish them off up to an internal breast temp of 190 degrees.

My two sons were home from college for the weekend, so one was immediately ripped into…no time for resting the smoked meat at this house. The other two were wrapped in foil to rest a bit before going into the fridge for a party tomorrow afternoon.

If the first one is any indication, the two remaining birds should be the belles of the ball…moist, tender and a subtle, but not overpowering smoke finish.

The beverage pairing for the evening of bird smoking was red beer — a favorite among folks hailing from Kansas. A splash of bloody Mary mix in the bottom of the glass, followed by a pour of your favorite beer and a swift stir. All-in-all, a nice way to enjoy an extended weekend…and an evening by the smoker.

Will try to do better with pics the next time through, but I did not have much light to work with and currently shooting with the not-so-advanced optics of my Blackberry. Hope you all had as nice of a weekend as I did.


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