Monster Beef Brisket

This Monster Beef Brisket was purchased in the spring…just waiting for the right weekend. Well, as it turns out, this is the right weekend. As you can see, this 13-pound monster just barely fit on the grate of my cheapo offset firebox smoker, but it did fit, and man, oh man, did the cheapo smoker come through in flying colors.

My Charcoal Chucker colleague “SmokeMan” offered me his favorite rub recipe to try on it. Unfortunately, the rub recipe arrived in my in-box at a time when I really did not feel like going out and hitting the grocery store. So, as usual in the life of an idiot who perseveres through life with a cheapo offset firebox smoker, I improvised. My rub ended up being a thick coating of brown sugar rubbed in on both sides of the beef brisket, with the fat side scored in about two-inch-by-two-inch squares. That way, the rub gets into the grooves and soaks in. Atop the rub layer of brown sugar, I used Montreal Steak rub, which I had on hand.

After a generous rubdown, the brisket went into the fridge overnight.

This morning, I fired up the cheapo at about 8:45 a.m. It was up to temp…around 250 or so by about 10 a.m. I wedged the monster brisket onto the grate of the cheapo. Yes, yes, yes. Another problem. I thought I had a bag of chunk charcoal in the garage, but noooooooooooo. Again, did not feel like going to the store, and fighting traffic on my day off, so — sorry purists — briquettes had to due.  But, I did have some nice mesquite chips with which to inspire some smoke…and I used some hickory too for good measure.

Started out this bad boy at about 225-230 degrees for the first four hours. Fat side up. I mopped every hour with a blush wine. Not too much since I did not want to wash off all the tasty effects of the rub.

After four hours, I pulled the monster off the smoker, wrapped it tightly in aluminum foil and slapped it back down on the grate of the cheapo. Because briskets tend to shrink, it fit perfectly this time around.

After fueling up my offset firebox for the last marathon haul, I fired up a nice cigar and babysat the monster for about an hour.  At roughly 5:30…a little ahead of time…I checked the internal temp and it shot right up to 200-205. I knew I had to act fast because I usually like to stay around 190 degrees.

I took if off the grate of my cheapo offset firebox smoker and carried it in the house. Of course, I know it is always best to keep the meat wrapped in foil and let it rest for a half hour or so, but I simply could not resist cutting into it for a nibble or two.

OMG. It melted in my mouth. I have had good brisket, including some primo stuff from both “SmokeMan” and “PorkPusher,” but this is probably my best  brisket ever. Soon it will be cut and much of it saved for tomorrow, when friends and neighbors — weather permitting — will be invited to the firepit for an evening of drinks, brisket, cigars and clever conversation about the issues of the day.

And here is how it looked right before it became wrapped up in foil for the final four hours on the cheapo smoker. Wish the other Charcoal Chuckers could have shared in my personal glory of conquering this monster brisket…if they had, I am quite sure I would have basked in the genteel applause of their faithful support. Charcoal Chuckers rock. Next time, I will use “SmokeMan’s” special rub recipe.


2 Responses to Monster Beef Brisket

  1. porkpusher says:

    Looks really good I wish I was there to have a little taste. Enjoy.

    Pork Pusher

  2. SmokeMan says:

    That’s it. I’m heading down for a little taste!

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