Seared Tuna Steak

I bought these two 1 lbs tuna steaks at Captain Porkys in Wadsworth, IL.  I took some grilling advice from Smoke Man AKA John on how to cook them.  I started my fire with the chimney starter than prepared the tuna.  I coated the tuna with pure Sesame oil, soy sauce, white, black & wasabi sesame seeds.  Once the fire reached about 500 degrees I placed the cooking grate on the chimney and brought it up to temperature than cleaned it & oiled it with a towel dipped in oil.  Place the steak on and wait for 2 miniutes.  Don’t leave, don’t get distracted and by all means no texting…..  After 2 minutes flip and do the other side.  This method will give you a very nice sear and rear tuna.  If your using a smaller piece of tuna cooking time will vary.  Once they were taken off the turbo tower as I call it hit them with again with some of the sesame oil, soy and sesame seeds.  This feed 4 adults we even had left overs for a salad the next day.


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