Buyer Beware!!!

I know we all want to save some money but remember you get what you paid for……

There’s a a home improvement store out there that is selling ceramic grills at a very good price but the warranty is only 1 year and you might not be able to get service or parts after the year is up.  The the grills in question are the Big Red Kamado Kooker & the Avocado.   The Avocado is a Big Green Egg look a like, it comes with a stand, side tables, double stack grate, and a plate setter.

The Big Red Kamado Kooker looks like the Kamado Joe red in color.  Joe also comes in black.  All of these grills will cook the same but as for the cheaper grills you get what you pay for no service and only a 1 year warranty, buyer beware…..


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3 Responses to Buyer Beware!!!

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  2. 190degrees says:

    Well, I am about to write an entire new post on my encounter with a knock-off kamado type smoker…the Char Griller Akorn Kooker. Not too concerned about the warranty on it for two big reasons. It only cost $299 at Lowes, and it is not a ceramic cooker. It is triple wall steel and porcelain. More detailed report will be coming soon.

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