Seared Tuna Steak

I bought these two 1 lbs tuna steaks at Captain Porkys in Wadsworth, IL.  I took some grilling advice from Smoke Man AKA John on how to cook them.  I started my fire with the chimney starter than prepared the tuna.  I coated the tuna with pure Sesame oil, soy sauce, white, black & wasabi sesame seeds.  Once the fire reached about 500 degrees I placed the cooking grate on the chimney and brought it up to temperature than cleaned it & oiled it with a towel dipped in oil.  Place the steak on and wait for 2 miniutes.  Don’t leave, don’t get distracted and by all means no texting…..  After 2 minutes flip and do the other side.  This method will give you a very nice sear and rear tuna.  If your using a smaller piece of tuna cooking time will vary.  Once they were taken off the turbo tower as I call it hit them with again with some of the sesame oil, soy and sesame seeds.  This feed 4 adults we even had left overs for a salad the next day.


Bacon Wrapped Scallops

This is so simple the title is practically the instructions, wrap scallops w/bacon and grill.

  • 6 Large Sea Scallops (about 3/4 Pound)
  • 6 Strips of bacon
  • Fresh ground pepper
  • toothpicks (soaked in water for 30 minutes)

Soak the toothpicks in water for at least 30 minutes.

Par cook the the bacon over medium heat until it just starts to brown on the edges.  The bacon should still be flexible. Let bacon cool

Wrap each scallop with bacon using a toothpick to hold it in place.

Sprinkle the wrapped scallops with fresh ground pepper

Grill the over direct medium heat (about 350 degrees) until the scallops brown.
This also work well indoors, simply saute the scallops over medium heat with a little butter and  olive oil.

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